Acrylic Tables 

Custom & Modern Acrylic Tables in NC.

Decorating with modern furniture involves a lot of clean lines and expert color choices. Everything is carefully chosen to ensure that things are comfortable, but sleek as well. While there are many different choices available out there for your modern home, one material that people in High Point, NC are discovering for furniture is acrylic. Acrylic tables can be the ultimate addition to your modern home design for many different reasons, including:

Acrylic Tables in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

  • Visually lighter– Acrylic tables are a great material for modern spaces. If your space is small or has heavy colors, the addition of an acrylic table can help keep the space light and airy feeling.
  • Easy to clean– Acrylic is a durable and easy to clean material, making it a perfect choice for a table material. While glass cleaner needs to be avoided on your acrylic table, you can use a simple soap and water solution or a clean, microfiber cloth for cleaning purposes without fear of clouding or scratching your acrylic table.
  • Customizable– Do you need an acrylic table to fit in an awkward space? Are you having a hard time finding the exact dimensions that you’re looking for in terms of a table? Acrylic tables can be made in a custom shape to fit any space. Additionally, you can have your acrylic table tinted in a variety of colors to coordinate with other surrounding colors or to create a statement piece all its own.

If you’re looking for a unique and modern piece for your High Point, North Carolina property, try an acrylic table from Idlewild Interiors. We can help you get the best fit and shape for your space so it will be modern and functional. Contact us today with questions.