Mirrors in Winston-Salem, NC

Let us show you how to use mirrors in decorative and purposeful ways!

Deciding on decorative accessories for your space can be and fun and interesting challenge. With a little bit of creativity, something as simple as a mirror can become a show-stopper in nearly every area. Because mirrors are so ubiquitous, many people don’t realize that they can use them in all sorts of ways! Here at Idlewild Interiors, located in Winston-Salem, NC, we love to use mirrors in our decorating, in conventional as well as non-conventional ways that we know you’ll appreciate. We have a few ideas for decorating with mirrors that many of our clients have appreciated in the past and that might strike your fancy as well! Read on to find out what they are.

Mirrors in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

We like to choose mirrors that can be useful as well as impressive. Think a very large framed mirror leaning against a wall or a gallery wall with a mirror as the focal point. Both of these methods give your space definition as well as visual interest. You can also create a gallery wall entirely of mirrors or hang several of the same shape and size as a visual interest point all its own.

Mirrors are great at reflecting light, which is useful in making a small space feel larger. While we don’t recommend you go back to the 70’s where entire walls were mirrored, a large mirror hung in a key place in a smaller room can do wonders to making a small space feel larger.

No matter what your purpose for using mirrors in your North Carolina property, our designers at Idlewild Interiors can help ensure that your mirrored artwork will look purposeful and beautiful. Contact us today for questions or advice in using mirrors in your next decorative adventure!