Create a relaxing bedroom starting with the most important element: the beds!

Did you know that you can spend nearly half of your life in your bed? For such an important and time-consuming place, many of us treat this area with only a whisper of attention! Your bed frame is something that can last for decades if chosen carefully, and here at Idlewild Interiors, we want to help you get the bed that you’ve been dreaming of.

Beds in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

So many of us end up with a mishmash of bedroom furniture that we deal with because it is still functional. If you don’t love your bed or your bedroom furniture, then your bedroom is not the oasis that it needs to be. With our help, we can show you how to turn your bed into a relaxing focal point in any bedroom! Large or small, we can show you where to place your bed in a room, how to create a finished and cohesive look with furniture and colors, and most importantly, which bed to choose!

When you have a mattress and box spring that are propped up on a frame, these items are technically functional, but they leave a room looking unfinished and reminiscent of a bachelor pad. Another design mistake that we see people make is to have too much of a bed in one room. If you have a large bed in a small room, it can feel crowded and cluttered, which is not what you want for your place of literal resting! If you would like help selecting beds for your space in North Carolina, come see us at Idlewild Interiors today.