For bars, kitchen islands, or other uses, we have the stools you’ve been looking for.

Redesigning or redecorating can be a tricky process. With so many decisions to make at once, it can be a great relief to hire a professional to make many of the little decisions while still creating a comfortable place that is just your style! Here at Idlewild Interiors, we know how important all those little decisions can be when it comes to your North Carolina property. We have a wide variety of choices for you in terms of flooring, fixtures, and furniture. A remodel trend that we have seen taking hold here in Winston-Salem is using stools to decorate.

Stools in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

At Idlewild Interiors, we recognize that even something as functional as a stool needs to be stylish and beautiful to be appreciated in your space. We have many options in many heights that can work for your needs. Whether you need help decorating an in-home wet bar or a kitchen island, we have stools that will be perfect for your needs.

We believe in quality furniture here at Idlewild Interiors, and that includes our stools! You won’t find yourself with mismatched and broken stools after a few months if you purchase them from Idlewild Interiors! In fact, your stools might last through a few different style changes in your home or business!

When you need help with your designs or furniture needs, we want to help you here at Idlewild Interiors! Our experienced designers can help you find the best furniture choices and other style elements for your space. If you have questions, please call us today.