Each room in your home is used for a different purpose and the lighting you choose for each space should reflect that. It can be difficult to know how to best utilize lighting in various spaces, but there are many ways modern lighting can work in each room in your home. Whether your new lighting is for a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or living area, great lighting can make any space beautiful and comfortable.

Modern Lighting

Kitchens are a very important space in any home because so much time is spent preparing meals and being with friends and family. You need a well-lit area that is inviting and functional. Overhead lighting in kitchens is ideal, so you don’t have to worry about knocking over lamps or constantly adjusting light fixtures. If possible, lights on a dimmer can also be very helpful, as you can adjust the amount and intensity of light to suit your needs.

For bedrooms and living areas, modern lighting should reflect a cozy, relaxing atmosphere. Lamps and other fixtures that provide indirect light will give your space a comfortable feel and will provide enough light without being overpowering.

Bathrooms require a different type of lighting, and it is very easy for bathrooms to be either too bright or too dim. Getting the right balance can be tricky, so it is generally a good idea to go with sidelights along the mirror accompanied by an overhead light. This combination of light will often create a comfortable space for you to enjoy throughout the day.

If you need help choosing the right lighting for any space in your home, our team at Idlewild Interiors can help!