Simple Ways to Make Basement Lighting Effective


Basement apartments and spaces can be difficult to design in a comfortable way, especially since it is common for these spaces to lack natural lighting. If you live in a basement apartment or have a basement area you wish to utilize more, you may be stuck trying to figure out how to make lighting in your basement beautiful and stylish. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to make your basement lighting as effective as possible:

  • Try to use light sources that mimic natural light. While it may not be possible to completely recreate natural light in your basement space, there are many lighting options that will be softer and give your basement a larger, more open feel.

Basement Lighting

  • Placement of basement light fixtures is also an important thing to consider. With correct placement, you will be able to create highlights and lowlights throughout the space, which will then give your space more dimension. It will also help you avoid having an excessive, overpowering amount of light, which will just make a basement seem smaller and more claustrophobic.
  • It is also helpful to use a variety of light fixtures throughout the space. When you use lamps, recessed lights, track lighting, and many other lighting options together, the overall effect will be much more natural and create a lighter, more spacious basement.

Your basement doesn’t have to feel small and dark when you use these simple basement lighting tips. If you have other questions about basement lighting and where to start, come to Idlewild Interiors!


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  1. Im currently renovating my basement and it’s almost impossible to let sunlight inside my basement and now reading your article i feel like installing light fixtures is my only best option. Thank you for sharing!

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