Top 3 Interior Design Tips for Any Home


Designing the inside of your home may seem like an overwhelming task, and many people aren’t even sure where to start in the process. You don’t have to be a professional designer to make your home stylish and showcase your personal tastes, and these three interior design tips can help you get started:

1. When choosing different tones for the furniture, wall colors, and other decor in your home, keep darker shades lower and lighter colors higher in the room. This tip is based on how we see different tones in nature, with the deepest colors found on the ground, the lightest colors showcased in the sky, and medium tones and colors in the middle.

Interior Design

2. Balancing base and accent colors is essential. Picking the right amount and blend of colors can be tricky, but with the right balance any room will look stylish and beautiful. The best way to balance your color palette is to have your base color cover 60% of the room, a second shade cover 30%, and your accent color make up the last 10%. This allows you to get a nice blend of the shades and colors you love without anything being overstated or too muted.

3. Many people have heard of the rule of threes, and this is a classic interior design tip that will improve the decor in your home. This rule applies to wall hangings, the arrangement of furniture, and many other aspects of your home, and helps to create an appealing and interesting space.

Follow these three tips to make your interior design a simple and enjoyable process. If you have any other questions, feel free to call us at Idlewild Interiors!


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