Home Lighting

We can make expert lighting recommendations that help you accent and elevate your space in your home or home office in Winston-Salem, NC.

Did you know that the lighting you choose for your living spaces can either illuminate flaws or elevate key features? When you are re-envisioning your space with a home remodeling or renovation project, having the help of our design services at Idlewild Interiors can ensure that your home lighting is truly flawless. Not only do we carry beautiful home furniture and flooring products for you to choose from in North Carolina, but we also have a wonderful array of lighting features that will brighten and enhance your living spaces.

Lighting in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

It is not uncommon for lighting to be one of the last things North Carolina homeowners think of when it comes to remodeling and renovation. While flooring and home décor often take precedence, it’s the lighting that actually brings the smallest of details to life. When you come to Idlewild Interiors for lighting solutions, you’ll find we can make expert recommendations, help you accent and elevate your space, and ensure that your vision for your entire renovation or remodeling project is captured.

At our Winston-Salem showroom, we carry modern, elegant, and sophisticated choices for our customers, and we also have an extensive network within the industry which allows us to order the lighting, furniture, and home décor that makes the most sense for your home. We’ll be happy to answer your questions about the lighting choices you are considering, as well as build an ideal interior design for your functional and aesthetic preferences.

Contact us at Idlewild Interiors or come by our Winston-Salem, NC showroom today for more information about our design services and to see what our lighting solutions can do for your home.