Kitchen Lighting | Winston-Salem, NC

The right kitchen lighting can give your kitchen style and function at once.

Kitchen Lighting in Winston-Salem, NC

Having a well-designed kitchen is at the very, very top of our client’s wish-lists these days! With more and more people opting to cook locally, try meal kits with their families, and even incorporate their friends and family into their entertaining process, a well-designed kitchen is must-have. One of the biggest issues we see in older homes around North Carolina is the lack of lighting in older kitchens. With help from Idlewild Interiors, we can help with all your kitchen needs, including updating your kitchen lighting.

A common practice in kitchen lighting not even a generation ago was to put one or two large fluorescent lights in the kitchen area to light the entire space. Not only does this provide a large output of fluorescent light which can be hard on some people’s eyes, but it can actually make colors appear different and give off annoying hums when they’re turned on. These downsides combined make this common type of lighting less than ideal for a family gathering and entertaining hot spot! With our help, we can design the kitchen lighting you need to get a bright, light, and airy space while also allowing for other design elements like pendants and chandeliers.

The additions of pendant lighting or can lighting to your kitchen lighting can make for not only a functional element but a design statement as well. We can help you choose the right pendants and shades in the right length, so that your North Carolina kitchen will have a splash of style by changing nothing else but the kitchen lighting! Kick your kitchen lighting up a notch with our help and give us a call today!