Our contemporary furniture and design services offered throughout the Piedmont Triad will transform your home. Feng Shui (fuhng shwey): The Chinese art or practice of creating harmonious surroundings that enhance the balance of energy, as in arranging furniture or determining the sitting of a house.

When your home’s feng shui is out of balance, you may notice that your home feels “less-than” somehow. Whether it is a difficult traffic pattern through a specific room, something that feels off in the aesthetics, or a lack of functional space in a favored area, the way your High Point, NC home looks and feels is an important part of what makes it comfortable and enjoyable.

Ed Kuhlenkamp

Darren and his team are the best! My wife and I purchased a number of pieces of furniture from IdleWild Interiors and we used their interior design services. The furniture is unique. The interior design services were very helpful.

Monica Aaron

Darren is the best. He has a keen eye for fabric, rugs and decor. I am excited about the opportunity to work with Darren to redo one of my bathrooms.

Melody Agosti

What a great find! This place is absolutely spectacular. The most unique fine decor at reasonable prices. One of my favorite shops to browse around.

Design Services

When you have a space that requires updating, sometimes it can be difficult to pull together the right pieces to achieve your vision. Whether it’s selecting the ideal lighting, choosing the right flooring, or selecting the furniture that perfectly represents your style preferences, there is a lot to consider to get the right result.

Lighting Services

Did you know that the lighting you choose for your living spaces can either illuminate flaws or elevate key features? When you are re-envisioning your space with a home remodeling or renovation project, having the help of our design services at Idlewild Interiors can ensure that your home lighting is truly flawless. Not only do we carry beautiful home furniture and flooring products for you to choose from in Winston-Salem North Carolina, but we also have a wonderful array of lighting features that will brighten and enhance your living spaces.

Home Furniture

At Idlewild Interiors, we are proud to offer an excellent selection of home furniture to meet the needs of our customers in Winston-Salem North Carolina. Not only is it important to us to provide design services that help you re-envision your living spaces, but we also believe that providing high-quality furniture can make all the difference in the outcome of each space.